Photographic Art Is Just This Side Of Sane

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Recently I have been managing a wonderful project that made me consider my own sanity, as well as the rest of the people who work in the music industry – the organisation of a fabulous exhibition of fine art photography from internationally renowned rock photographer Nick Elliott.

Just This Side of Sane is a collection of 25 limited edition prints and is set to rock contemporary art space jgallery in Mouton, Northampton, from 20th November.

The exhibition showcases images of some of the most recognised performers in rock music history such as Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, and Roger Daltrey alongside some queens of pop music including Blondie, Beverley Knight and Imelda May.

Creator of the images, Nick Elliott, commented: “Just This Side of Sane perfectly depicts where an artist needs to be in order to deliver a brilliant performance and is equally true of the photographer who is capturing the image.

“The images have been chosen specifically for the show and include some of the most iconic performers on the planet, each with their own mad story to tell. I’m really pleased to be exhibiting at jgallery which is an absolutely wonderful art space that perfectly complements the show.”

Sue Brooks, curator of jgallery, said: “Nick is an extraordinary photographer with an eye for capturing the unexpected whilst retaining the theme of an image in his very own, sublime style. His light-filled photographs reveal the heart and soul of his subjects. As a curator of exhibitions over several years I have seen many photographs and I would categorise Nick among those rare artists who have a genuine gift for ‘seizing the moment’.

“His portfolio consists of exciting original and beautifully presented images and I would be proud to recommend him in any capacity of his choice. As a curator I look forward to featuring his work and ideas in our gallery.”

Just This Side of Sane is running from 20th November to 19th December and all images are available to buy as framed pieces ready for hanging. Un-framed versions of the images in the exhibition and other collections are available from Nick’s representative online gallery at


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