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No more questions….plleeease!


I’d like to think that I wasn’t a hard-nosed, light-in-the eyes, interrogating kind of interviewer, but there are instances when you have to probe a little deeper before the interviewee reveals all.

It can sometime be a challenge getting to the root of the matter, or even to get some people to participate in a conversation at all, and the memory of a difficult interview with a reluctant Ian Hunter still haunts me today!

I do have to admit, though, more often than not the conversation just flows and I recall how an immensely interesting Julian Cope educated me about the charms of standing stones. In contrast to my previous subject, he was just so wonderfully interesting that I nearly suggested carrying on our chat over a glass of wine!

Then there was The Proclaimers, staunch Scotland supporters enjoying a revival in their career, with Charlie happy to chat whilst his shyer brother Craig serenaded us as he ran through the set on his guitar. Comic Phil Jupitus, on the other hand, was fleeting in his explanation of how he became the unlikely frontman for The Blockheads, whilst Blockhead Mick Gallagher was more than happy to spill the beans.

So here’s a look back through the archives at some of those interviews that have made me smile, some that frustrated the hell out of me and some which I simply just enjoyed…



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