Rock, Art and Wine in The South of France

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It’s not every day that you get an invite to the South of France but I have been lucky enough to secure one having represented the interests of rock photographer, Nick Elliott, in an exhibition on the coast.

After organising the delivery of Nick’s fine art work, preparing material for his personal appearances, arranging for him to sign a limited edition catalogue and publicising the event, I’m looking forward to visiting the playground of the rich and famous this May.

The exhibition, RockArtWine (RAW), is a unique three-day festival showcasing the work of six of the world’s most revered rock photographers.

Amongst the famous names is iconic rock photographer Nick Elliott, who has been invited to the festival to exhibit an exclusive range of his stunning limited edition fine rock photography and play host to rock art enthusiasts.

Nick's work at RAWTaking place in the chic surroundings of Château Les Carrasses in the unspoilt, picturesque, Languedoc-Roussillon region, RAW is offering collectors the opportunity to buy rare, signed, fine art album covers and rock photography as well as sampling the very best of the region’s winemaking.

The other renowned photographers joining Nick over the four-day festival are Aubrey Powell, Michael Spencer Jones, Dieter Zill, Baron Wolman and Denis O’Regan who, between them, have shot the entire pantheon of rock royalty over the last five decades.

Mark Overton, Curator of RAW and Owner of Off Beat Lounge in Norwich, which already owns and exhibits eight of Nick’s images, commented:

“Having been a private collector of signed fine art rock photography and limited edition album cover prints for quite some time, I’m delighted that Nick Elliott has made some of the very finest live shots ever taken available to Off Beat clients.13

“Nick’s ability to capture some of the greatest innovators and performers in rock music at close quarters is a marvel to behold, and without hesitation I’d now place Nick’s work above the vast majority of live photography available.”

The intimate atmosphere of the château, which opened to universal acclaim in July 2011, is perfect for such a prestigious event with the weekend culminating in the photographic artists hosting a table for dinner and sharing stories about the inspiration behind the pieces on show.As well as making several personal appearances over the event, Nick will also be offering collectors the chance to spend some social time with him to chat about his illustrious career and life backstage.

Well after all, it is rock ‘n’ roll….and wine!


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