Through The Maze

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I have travelled a painful road of late.

I was at a crossroads at the end of the last year and seem to have spent an eternity going round in circles searching for the perfect solution.

Now, I think that I have finally navigated my way through the maze of confusion and can feel sunshine on my face.

My dilemma has centred around my online presence and how to leverage the plethora of social media tools, blogging platforms and websites as the powerful communications tools I know they are.

Following a number of very negative experiences in the commercial world of Public Relations recently, I have also been considering the re-positioning of my communications business to work solely in those sectors I enjoy – namely the music and arts industries.

Having worked in music and arts for many years, it is where my heart truly is and, more importantly, is the perfect fit for my personality, skills and experience. Definitely the natural route for my progression.

I have, consequently, been making a few changes to this site and regular visitors may have noticed that a few thing are a little different. In addition to a new look and feel, I have included a few more pages of information about me and the services that I offer specifically for the music and arts industries.

The posts I regularly write have been separated into appropriate sections so that my music journalism and general rantings are easily identifiable and the posts easier to navigate.

Finally, I have added a new section with news and features on some of my clients so that you can read about what they’re up to and take a peek at all the interesting work I deliver on their behalf.

So, there you have it, please let me know what you think.

For me, I am grateful to be at the exit of the maze and that’s where I choose to remain – standing with my face towards the sun so the shadows will always be behind me.


Anything to comment?

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