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I count myself very lucky.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with a lot of well-known, and not-so well-known, people through the course of my photo-journalistic and PR work and have enjoyed every minute of it.

I recently put together a snap-book for one of my PR clients capturing his exploits through the ages and thought it would be really nice to document my own journey in images.

Having put it to my social network for their opinion, it appeared that many would like to see more of photos of the scenes backstage so I decided that I would look at creating an online album of some informal shots.

As I’ve pawed through the archives it has become apparent that I have been the one capturing events more than being photographed in action so I actually don’t have a record of all those lovely people I’ve met.

But I do have a few choice moments to share. They are just a few snaps of me in a working environment, so please view them with a casual eye and, having learned how un-photogenic I am, I’ve also included a few from my time modelling for a professional photographer.

I’ll be adding more as life unfolds from here on out but, in the meantime, here is my snap-book….Flickr_Logo1



  • Ah yes, I know where you were and yes, the crab sandwiches were lovely thank you. Hopefully our paths will cross again one day soon. x

  • Thanks, I did have a lovely lunch. We were sat on the table for 2 to your left, you were all discussing crab sandwiches as we left! Hope you enjoyed them as well.

  • Hi Angela, how lovely, I was indeed in The White Horse on a photoshoot with Nick Elliott rock photographer and The Marmalade. We were hoping, desperately, that the weather was going to improve so that we could continue with the shoot.

    You should have come over and said “hi” and we could have wished you “happy birthday”.

    Hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your lunch. x

  • Hi there, unless my eyes deceived me, I think I ‘had’ lunch with you, Nick Elliott and some of the Blockheads at The White Horse in Holme, Wednesday 31st (my birthday lunch!)?

    Sorry, wrong band, I meant Marmalade?

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