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It’s been a whirlwind of a last few months preparing for the launch of the new contemporary, music and arts magazine, Deep Red, where I’m Senior Editor.

I’ve been overseeing the development of the online presence of the publication with its website design and build, appointment of an editorial team as well as the PR and media relations around it.

But, at last the launch day has arrived and Deep Red Magazine is opening its virtual pages for the first time today.

A brand new online publication, Deep Red Magazine, has big plans to deliver good quality content to fans of music and the arts and has been in talks with top writers, musicians and image producers over the last few month to develop a something a little different.

With top-end interviews, features and reviews in a number of genres from rock, blues, country and folk, Deep Red encompasses everything the digital age has to offer in terms of multi-media delivery.

Deep Red’s Director of Photography and Picture Editor, Nick Elliott, was interviewed about the launch by journalist John Beck. Here is what he had to say:

Deep Red Magazine can be found at Follow Deep Red on Twitter @DeepRedMagazine and Facebook:


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