Covering Life Is Loud

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Over the course of the year, my thirst for creativity has been well and truly quenched with the production of a series of videos, The Collections, from iconic rock photographer, Nick Elliott.

It has been nothing short of a marketers dream to have been involved in, not one but four, fabulous videos which showcase a selection of Nick’s wonderful images against a backdrop of original music.

Continuing the series, Covered was the third video in the series and features a lovely collection of a few of Nick’s favourite cover images to a delicate acoustic soundtrack, In The Blink of My Eye, by English folk and country singer-songwriter, Lesley Curtis.

This month, the latest of the videos, Loud, was released showcasing a brilliant collection of some of Nick’s favourite rock images set to a fabulous seven minute soundtrack, Little Girl, by British rock band Machine.

As with the rest of The Collections, Covered and Loud are being aired on Nick Elliott Press Office TV.


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