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There was a time when there was no choice other than a pen and paper to record the details of an interview in a journalistic situation. The nuances and specifics of the exact conversation were at risk of inaccurate recording or mis-interpretation.

The welcome arrival of the analogue tape recorder brought accuracy and clarity for the written transcription of the interview but the reproduction of audio was a still out of reach in the general office.

But very few journalists would now venture into an interview without grasping a digital recording device in their hand, allowing easy audio reproduction of the experience.

With this in mind, I thought the time was right to set up my own broadcast channel to share some of the interviews I have been fortunate to do with the best of the music industry so that you could enjoy the experience first hand.

There will be more added over time and, oh there’s a couple of interviews that others have done with me on there too…although I didn’t enjoy those quite as much!

Tune into CATontheprowl FM…



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