Digital Media is Revolting

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The digital revolution has a lot to answer for.

If the world of the PR specialist wasn’t already complicated enough with off and online content generation, media relations, event and project management, sponsorship and crisis management, digital media has made it a whole lot more demanding.

Portable devices are wonderful contraptions, performing seemingly miraculous tasks at the tap of a finger, keeping us connected to the external environment constantly. The relentless appetite for information and social engagement, however, can be a never-ceasing burden and it is easy to be consumed by its demands.

Thankfully, though, technology is PR’s alley offering great opportunities to broadcast information and to engage in two-way conversations on an almost 24 hour basis.

Updates and news posted instantly to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, pictures uploaded to Flickr and Instagram, audio reports broadcast on AudioBoo and Soundcloud, what a host of channels are now available to communicate through.

But nothing beats actually being there in person and my clients are calling increasingly to further capture the ‘living moment’ through the use of moving images.

So, I thought I’d share with you the first editorial ‘video short’ produced for rock photographer, Nick Elliott, when he starred in Crazy Love, a music video for British Country Award Winner, Gary Curtis, filmed at Pinewood Studios last month. More to come soon.

Watch Crazy Love Video Short on YouTube


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