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“An app is the next progression for us….you can sort that one out for us, can’t you, CAT?”

What a gauntlet to throw during the latest meeting with my client, Deep Red Magazine. I couldn’t argue with the logic….Apps are not only critical as a means of accessing online content for a publication but are also expected to be available, so I had only one option.

Having had no experience of sourcing or compiling an App before, I expected this to be a bit of a challenge but, as I progressed through my research and investigated the options, I was inspired to delve more deeply into the recesses of technology than ever before.

App.PNGThe way we are consuming media is changing. Our thirst for online communications as a source of information is far outstripping traditional media with a massive 1 in 7 people worldwide currently engaging in the use of smartphones.

Nowhere has this been more evident than in the world of academia. I have been tutoring PR and Marketing communications for many years and over the last five years I have witnessed a steep decline in the use of text books, with students preferring to search online for information to support their leanings than flicking through the pages of a book.

Confident that a reversal in this trend is unlikely, I have even decided to sell my collection of academic text books on Amazon preferring, myself, to source any information on the web in the future.

Anyway, what about that App? Well, thankfully, I got it sorted…..


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