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Middle Aged Folk


Reaching middle-age can be a depressing time for many, but when the subject in question happens to be a legendary folk festival, then the rings round the trunk are cause for celebration.

Cambridge Folk Festival, one of the premier music events in Europe and one of the longest running and most famous folk festivals in the world, hit the big five-o this year and I was lucky enough to be on site to join in the celebrations.

Having been involved with the festival since 2000, I have reported, interview, reviewed and been involved in PR work with various clients at the festival for many years.

One highlight, though, was the management of the production of TEN – A Decade In Images, the debut book from one of my clients, Nick Elliott rock photographer, which featured a collection of the very best images Nick has captured at the Cambridge Folk Festival over a ten year period.

I’m really pleased to have now been invited to manage the production of another book by Nick, 50FOLK, which will celebrate the festival’s fifty years and will be nearing completion very soon.

Very fitting of middle-aged folk!




  • Watch out this weekend. I am off to Beautiful Days tomorrow. There are so many great bands on this weekend. I hope to get my piece on Cropredy up tonight, then off to Reading next week with my son!! Not sure how I will cope with that one 🙂

    I am going to try to get to Cambridge next year. Take care and keep blogging.

  • Thank you for your lovely comment.

    That’s a real shame about your sister’s experience of Cambridge, a lot of people do appear to take in seats, which can be restrictive. It’s even worse if they’re abusive about others enjoying themselves. Fortunately, I have never experienced this side of the festival and hope that, in the future, people remember that they’re there for a good time!

    Good to see others blogging about festivals – I’ve followed your blog so look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  • Nice blog, thanks for posting it. My sister went to Cambridge this year and whilst she enjoyed the music she was less enamoured with the clientele. Her experience was people putting seats right in front of the stage and then shouting abuse at those who were standing or, heaven forbid, dancing.

    Nice to see others blogging about UK Festivals, which are my own interest.

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