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Forget Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Much of the country may have been looking forward to the release of 50 Shades of Grey, but it’s 50Folk that’s exciting me!

As a journalist of…huh-hum…a good few years, it is often hard to get excited about new writing projects, but I was thrilled to be asked to compile the introduction for a limited edition book, 50Folk, and give my take on its author, iconic rock photographer, Nick Elliott.

1454715_631446240295250_7058162348841280176_n50Folk is a new limited edition, high quality, hard-backed photographic book of over 80 images beautifully portrayed within its 132 pages. Featuring Nick’s favourite images of 50 artists performing at the Cambridge Folk Festival from 2000 to 2010, it is a personal celebration of the legendary music event that turned 50 last year.

Having worked as Nick’s publicist and also covered the Cambridge Folk Festival as a music journalist for the same period, I was in the perfect position to get involved in the publications and relished the challenge.

50Folk_Spread.JPGWhat was even more thrilling, however, was to also be asked to project manage the entire production of the publication from sourcing the print, liaising with the designer and publisher, to collating quotes from some major folk artists and inputting on the pictorial content. And, of course, launching the book, handling the promotion and arranging the e-commercial facilities.

Naturally, I am biased as to how impressive this publication is, but it really is an exquisite production that would look great on any bedside table. So, take a look and instead of reaching for the handcuffs this Valentine’s Day, why not pick up a more cultured bit of fun?


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