Come Dine With Us

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With the title of this post and all the fervour of surrounding the winner of The Great British Bake Off recently, you’d be forgiven in thinking this blog entry was all about food. Well, in a way it is.

I was delighted to receive an invitation this week to an exclusive dinner that the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is hosting at the House of Lords “as a sign of appreciation to our Fellows”. It is going to be held in The Peer’s Dining Room and hosted by Baroness O’Cathain so it should be a very prestigious affair!

It is not every day that I get invited to such an occasion or the opportunity to enjoy a venue quite like this and I’m really honoured to be recognised by the CIM in this way.

As the invite says:

“Being a Fellow of CIM marks the highest level of membership and, in turn, highlights success and experience in the field of marketing.”

So, I’m dusting off my best frock and busily trying to rearrange my diary and, if I can manage to make it all work, will share some photos of it all with you soon.


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