Alone On Christmas

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Working in PR I am often involved in some fabulous projects and I’m even becoming a bit of a regular at Pinewood Studios working on the music videos for singer Gary Curtis.

I have to admit that I’m enjoying the experience and Gary’s latest video for his single, Alone On Christmas, was a particularly exciting project as it was a short film around a zombie breakout featuring a number of familiar faces including; Sally Geeson (Bless This House/Carry On films), Gary Ashburn, and Jerome Blake (Star Wars).

What was even more exciting for me, though, was that I was invited to be one of the scientists brought in to help contain the attack but I don’t avoid being infected myself!

It is a fabulous light-hearted short film with a wonderful Christmas track so take a look and, if you watch out, you may even see me!

Merry Christmas everyone.


See images from the shoot


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