Enjoying A Pagan Christmas

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Throughout this year I have been fortunate enough to be working with former drummer of The Darkness, Ed Graham, and his new band Puppets to the Supreme Commander and this Autumn found myself involved in a video shoot for the band’s single Pagan Christmas.

Filmed at the beautiful Voewood House in Norfolk, Puppets to the Supreme Commander – Ed, Angus Druprey, Rebecca Waller, David Donley, and Peter Turrell – were joined by a bevvie of buxom beauties, a couple of druids, a man in dress, two wrestlers, and even a white rabbit.

Filmed by Trevor Fuller, it was a great deal of fun on the day and the end result is all very eccentric!

Puppets to the Supreme Commander EP featuring Pagan Christmas can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon so pop over there and download your copy.

And, if you look carefully in this video of the cast and crew you will even be able to spot me in the leather jacket and hat positioned at about one o’clock.

Merry Pagan Christmas everyone!

See images from the shoot


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