Day: October 10, 2017

CAT Business Show

The Business of Digital Printing

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Guesting on the CAT Business Show in this episode is John Miller, Graphics Supervisor at Structure-flex one of Europe’s leading suppliers of flexible heavy-duty fabric products.

Structure-flex has printed, manufactured, and supplied a portfolio of products for 45 years and has been nominated for numerous printing industry awards and won a Queen’s Award for International Enterprise in 2014.

This is The Business of Digital Printing… (more…)


Battle of the Adverts

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There was a time when a big part of festive season was about which single was going to be the Christmas number one and win the coveted air-time on Top of The Pops’ Christmas Special.

Sadly, those days are long gone but a new battle has emerged – one that is equally as potent and compelling….and just as lucrative – the Christmas TV commercial.

Of course, the all important social media sharing is now the gauge of success long before the cash-registers have added up the effect on the bottom line and many consumers have voluntarily chosen to do the marketing work for the agencies by greedily taking up this role. (more…)


Watching You, Watching Me


I found myself in a North Norfolk pub a couple of weeks ago.

I confess that there is nothing strange about that, in itself, but what followed filled me with surprise and bewilderment.

I was participating in a photoshoot with rock photographer Nick Elliott and Scottish hit makers The Marmalade when poor weather stopped play and forced us to take refuge in the rural drinking establishment.