Day: March 11, 2016


Crisis? What a drama!


It has been a year of crises. Professionally speaking you understand, although life does have a bit of a habit of throwing in a curved ball occassionally.

Now, being involved in crisis management isn’t that unusual for a PR practitioner – after all, it is the role of PR to protect the brand during a crisis. But what has been a little different, for me, has been the number of times the subject has arisen in different guises over recent months. (more…)


Social Media Rocks

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There was a time when social media was simply about being social. Nothing wrong with that, but many business sectors have been ‘laggards’ in the adoption of it as a powerful communications channel.

There was a lovely campaign that I wrote about in Saving Social Media, where twitter was used to recount a real-time 24-hour reconstruction of the D-Day landings. An imaginative example of how social media can be used to powerful and emotive effect.