Day: September 24, 2016

Content Creation

The Rise of The Machines

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Well, after thirty years of publishing, the Independent and the Independent on Sunday have ended their print editions in late March and, although they’ll continue online, it is a sad indictment of the changing face of the media.

At its peak in the late 80s, the Independent was selling more than 400,000 copies a day but its final paid circulation had fallen drastically to around 56,000. Internet publishing wasn’t even possible then, let alone a priority. The big strategic question then was whether the newspaper should be reformatted, from broadsheet to tabloid, to bolster sales against the already-tabloid Times, which seems almost laughable by today’s standards. (more…)


The Advertising Effect


There’s something about the ‘Lynx effect’ series of adverts that I admire.  And it’s not simply down to the personal connection I feel to the angelic realm that was the subject of one of their recent creative treatments.

With many of their contemporaries floundering as advertising has become increasingly sophisticated, Lynx has continued to ride the crest of the creative wave to produce adverts that reflect the latest consumer attitudes. (more…)