Day: November 26, 2016


Alone On Christmas

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Working in PR I am often involved in some fabulous projects and I’m even becoming a bit of a regular at Pinewood Studios working on the music videos for singer Gary Curtis.

I have to admit that I’m enjoying the experience and Gary’s latest video for his single, Alone On Christmas, was a particularly exciting project as it was a short film around a zombie breakout featuring a number of familiar faces including; Sally Geeson (Bless This House/Carry On films), Gary Ashburn, Jerome Blake (Star Wars), and Nick Elliott rock photographer.

What was even more exciting for me, though, was that I was invited to be one of the scientists brought in to help contain the attack but I don’t avoid being infected myself! (more…)

Content Creation

Face For Radio

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Over the last couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to find my services in demand for radio – interviews I’ve done with celebrities have featured in music programmes, I’ve been interviewed as a PR professional for specialty marketing shows, and also guested on general radio broadcasts.

Recently, this element of my journalist career has been opening up still further when I’ve been asked to provide voiceovers for jingles and video links. The latest of these voiceovers was recorded a few weeks ago for a radio show and sounded something like this: (more…)


Talking To The Person Within

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I had a meeting recently with a charity set up for a specific disability, in the case of this charity’s members it was about providing support for a physical disability. OK, there was no mistaking the fact that the people in room were physically different to me but it was unimportant because I was focusing so much on the person within. (more…)


Digital Media is Revolting

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The digital revolution has a lot to answer for.

If the world of the PR specialist wasn’t already complicated enough with off and online content generation, media relations, event and project management, sponsorship and crisis management, digital media has made it a whole lot more demanding. (more…)