Day: August 13, 2017


Mystery Voice

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It was a bit of a radio week last week, not least because I was invited onto Midweek Drive morning edition last Thursday as the mystery voice and, thank goodness, I was recognised!

That could have been awkward. Here’s how it went… (more…)

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Forget Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Much of the country may have been looking forward to the release of 50 Shades of Grey, but it’s 50Folk that’s exciting me!

As a journalist of…huh-hum…a good few years, it is often hard to get excited about new writing projects, but I was thrilled to be asked to compile the introduction for a limited edition book, 50Folk, and give my take on its author, iconic rock photographer, Nick Elliott. (more…)

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Middle Aged Folk


Reaching middle-age can be a depressing time for many, but when the subject in question happens to be a legendary folk festival, then the rings round the trunk are cause for celebration.

Cambridge Folk Festival, one of the premier music events in Europe and one of the longest running and most famous folk festivals in the world, hit the big five-o this year and I was lucky enough to be on site to join in the celebrations.



It’s Time

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They say that a day is a long time in politics. In the music industry, a decade seems like a lifetime.

In a short space of only a few years, the way we consume music has changed unrecognisably, metamorphosing from the fantastic plastic through to pint-sized compact discs and settling on the current darling of choice…the digital download.

Whatever next? Cranial implants? You may smile, but that ‘fantasy’ may not be confined to the realms of science fiction with recent developments in China already pushing the boundaries of android technology. (more…)