Day: August 16, 2017

CAT Business Show

The Business of Politics

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Guesting on the CAT Business Show in this episode is Steffan Aquarone, county councillor for the Melton Constable division of Norfolk County Council in 2017, who was appointed Vice Chair for the North Norfolk Liberal Democrat party.

A UK entrepreneur in the film and technology sectors who, in 2014 Steff was named by the Daily Mirror as one of the Top 20 most influential media figures under 30 and in 2011, Steff co-founded peer-to-peer mobile payments platform Droplet which the technology blog Mashable named among the ‘Top 25 UK Startups’ of that year.

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CAT Business Show

The Business of Visual Content

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Guesting on the CAT Business Show in this episode is internationally renowned rock art photographer, Nick Elliott.

Nick is an award-winning photographer who had a very successful career in the advertising industry before specialising in music and celebrity and worked on major above-the-line campaigns for top London agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi, TBWA, and Publicis.

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Peer Dining With The CIM

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Being a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), I was delighted to receive an invitation this week to an exclusive dinner “as a sign of appreciation to all our Fellows”.

Held in The Peer’s Dining Room at the House of Lords and hosted by Baroness O’Cathain so it sure to be a very prestigious affair and I’m really honoured to be recognised by the CIM in this way.

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Th-Th-That’s All Folks!

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As everyone can appreciate, whether they are simply a passive receiver or the active sender of the message, advertising is an immensely useful communications tool in reaching a mass audience and a technique that most businesses employ at some point during the course of their marketing.

Over the course of the last two years I have run a small campaign to promote my PR services and although it has been very well received and has produced some brilliant results, it is time to wave it goodbye.



Music PR Is The Star

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Last month, I was invited to divulge my thoughts on PR in the music and entertainment industry as part of the Cambridge Marketing Colleges Marketing Review feature on Star Radio 107fm.

I don’t often swap my usual position with the microphone to become the subject of an interview but it was great to give people an insight into the world of music PR and to dispel the myth portrayed in Absolutely Fabulous that it’s all about cracking open the “bolly dahhhlings“. (more…)

Content Creation

Ding Dong! Is free speech dead?

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There was a time when the phrase “ding dong” conjured up images of a flirtatious English gentleman spying an attractive member of the opposite sex. This week it has taken on a whole new connotation.

Despite raging debates about Margaret Thatcher’s impact as Prime Minister, it is not 1984. But, then again, is it?

If George Orwell’s 1984 prophecy had been fulfilled, the Thought Police would now be rampant, surveilling our thoughts and controlling our minds. (more…)

Content Creation

The One About The ‘Journalist’

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I despair, I really do.

There are people walking amongst us that are not what they seem. They are masquerading as professional people in positions respected in society, like journalists and news reporters.

I read a story last month that made me ashamed to be part of the communications business. It was a news story that appeared in a well-respected online publication that delivers good quality journalism…usually…so its appearance took me by surprise.

The story consisted of a written report and an interview that, in my opinion, was possibly one of the worst pieces of journalism that I have experienced in a very long time.