Day: May 17, 2016

Content Creation

Mirror Mirror

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I heard a horrifying statistic a couple of months ago on Radio 4 – according to research by YouGov, over 70% of children today have not heard the story of ‘Daniel in the lions den’ or, for that matter, many other stories from the Bible.

Now you could argue that the reason for this is due entirely to the fact that it has religious origins and the changing face of belief has deemed that stories like these are inappropriate or irrelevant in society today. (more…)


Through The Maze

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I have travelled a painful road of late.

I was at a crossroads at the end of the last year and seem to have spent an eternity going round in circles searching for the perfect solution.

Now, I think that I have finally navigated my way through the maze of confusion and can feel sunshine on my face.

My dilemma has centred around my online presence and how to leverage the plethora of social media tools, blogging platforms and websites as the powerful communications tools I know they are. (more…)