Day: August 18, 2012


Higgity, Haggity, Hoggety, High


A couple of weeks ago, a fellow self-employed PR professional and I were discussing a client who owed them a great deal of money and was constantly avoiding payment.

The usual excuses of “we haven’t received your invoice”, “it’s in our system for processing” and “the cheque’s in the post” were made.

A situation that every self-employed individual has probably faced at some point or another and, rather disappointingly, will more than likely face again.



Birthdays are bad for the brand

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Market leaders are acutely aware of the value of the brand as a corporate asset with many household brands contributing millions to the bottom line of a company’s balance sheet.

As a practitioner in PR, and custodian of the corporate brand, I fully appreciate its inherent power as a potent promotional tool and communicator of an intangible promise to deliver. (more…)