Day: October 19, 2016


Talking Digital Marketing On The Radio


Having been a regular contributor on the Marketing Review Show on Star Radio 107.9 FM for a couple of years, I was asked to be a guest presenter on the show.

I invited Craig Gibson from CYTI Digital, a new marketing agency in Cambridge to come into the studio and chat about all things digital marketing. The show aired on 6th October but, in case you missed it, you can listen again here: (more…)


Tuning in to WII.FM

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I don’t think I’m the only PR professional who is more than a little uncomfortable with promoting themselves….we’re a bit like the construction industry worker who fails to find time to fix up their own house.

But just recently I’ve been re-evaluating the balance of my public ‘shouting’ about my clients success compared with promoting my role in their communications. So I’ve re-tuned my radar into WII.FM to consider “what’s in it for me”, and repositioned my website slightly to maximise this frequency. (more…)


We Are All Individuals


I can relate to Sting’s Englishman In New York – I often feel like a legal alien. I know this may sound dramatic but let me explain.

In a time when the use of social media is prevalent, we are given a unique insight into the world of the individual, their behaviour, their thoughts, their opinions. When I look at the comments some of my twitter networkers post I often feel like I’m a being from outer space who has been deposited into an unfamiliar world. (more…)


Are you sitting comfortably?

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As we go through life, I believe that we all have the responsibility to give a little back as we go.  Lend a helping hand where we can or give someone a boost on their own journey.

One of the most rewarding parts of my career to-date has, undoubtedly, been my time imparting my communications knowledge to students of the crafts of marketing and PR.

Over the past 11 years I’ve been engaged in the transferral of knowledge for the Cambridge Marketing College and this weekend had the pleasure of tutoring a wonderful group of delegates in Manchester.