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Come Dine With Us

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With the title of this post and all the fervour of surrounding the winner of The Great British Bake Off recently, you’d be forgiven in thinking this blog entry was all about food. Well, in a way it is.

I was delighted to receive an invitation this week to an exclusive dinner that the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is hosting at the House of Lords “as a sign of appreciation to our Fellows”. It is going to be held in The Peer’s Dining Room and hosted by Baroness O’Cathain so it should be a very prestigious affair! (more…)


Talking Digital Marketing On The Radio


Having been a regular contributor on the Marketing Review Show on Star Radio 107.9 FM for a couple of years, I was asked to be a guest presenter on the show.

I invited Craig Gibson from CYTI Digital, a new marketing agency in Cambridge to come into the studio and chat about all things digital marketing. The show aired on 6th October but, in case you missed it, you can listen again here: (more…)

Content Creation

The Rise of The Machines

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Well, after thirty years of publishing, the Independent and the Independent on Sunday have ended their print editions in late March and, although they’ll continue online, it is a sad indictment of the changing face of the media.

At its peak in the late 80s, the Independent was selling more than 400,000 copies a day but its final paid circulation had fallen drastically to around 56,000. Internet publishing wasn’t even possible then, let alone a priority. The big strategic question then was whether the newspaper should be reformatted, from broadsheet to tabloid, to bolster sales against the already-tabloid Times, which seems almost laughable by today’s standards. (more…)

Content Creation

Face For Radio

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Over the last couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to find my services in demand for radio – interviews I’ve done with celebrities have featured in music programmes, I’ve been interviewed as a PR professional for specialty marketing shows, and also guested on general radio broadcasts.

Recently, this element of my journalist career has been opening up still further when I’ve been asked to provide voiceovers for jingles and video links.

Lucky I have a face for radio!



Over The Top? Never.

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At a time when the EU referendum has divided the UK, there has been a powerful, innovative, guerrilla marketing campaign that has succeeded in uniting the country to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Beautiful, moving, humbling, We’re Here Because We’re Here was a piece of living theatre that saw 1,400 volunteers dress in historically accurate WW1 military uniforms and appear unexpectedly in public locations across the UK on 1st July. (more…)


Talking Branding On The Radio

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As regular visitors to my site will possibly know, I am often asked to appear on the radio to talk about Marketing and PR and last month I was invited back onto the Marketing Review Show on Star Radio 107.9 FM.

This time, Kiran Kapur interviewed me about Branding and how important it is to consider all the aspects of the brand from the visible elements to the way a company behaves. Hopefully you managed to tune in to the show live, but if you missed it, here is another chance to hear it: (more…)


Talking To The Person Within

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I had a meeting recently with a charity set up for a specific disability, in the case of this charity’s members it was about providing support for a physical disability. OK, there was no mistaking the fact that the people in room were physically different to me but it was unimportant because I was focusing so much on the person within. (more…)


Online and ready to go!


For anyone who has ever published or updated their website, there is a moment of nervous anticipation just before clicking the button to make it live. I have felt that feeling this very morning.

After months of hard work, the moment has finally arrived to launch my newly created website onto the unsuspecting public. (more…)


Size Matters Makes Award Final

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Size Matters, the world-first exhibition I managed for my clients; leading digital printers Structure-flex, and rock photographer Nick Elliott, earlier this year has made the final nominees for a Digital Printer Award.

Shortlisted in the wide format printing category, the awards are recognised as one of the industry’s most prestigious honours events and are a true celebration of the excellence of UK digital printing.