Art Direction

Client: Liberal Democrats

Agency: TBWA (London)

Brief: The 1992 general election campaign was predicted to be a closely fought contest and each of the major parties incorporated extensive advertising as part of the battle. The campaign focused around a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ message for the Liberal Democrats with the photographic element at the centre of the creative treatment.

Photographic interpretation of the creative treatment for an above- and below-the-line campaign was required. A commission of this stature carries a tremendous amount of kudos and an achievement experienced only by a select few once every four years.

Solution: In the days pre-‘Photoshop’, the brief was a challenge.

The project entailed managing the whole image production process including: sourcing an appropriate location; negotiating with the National Rail Network; overseeing the health & safety issues; art directing the photography; co-ordinating post-production; and account managing the agency.

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Results: The photography captured the essence of the concept perfectly and featured as the central creative for the party’s national advertising campaign which incorporated 48-sheet outdoor posters, newspapers, magazines, TV, and cinemas throughout the UK.

During a period when the Liberal Democrats were re-establishing themselves on the political scene, the campaign helped the party regain crucial ground by winning 18 per cent of the vote and 20 seats.