Change Management

Client: E.ON

Brief: As the 2nd strongest brand and the largest electricity retailer in the UK, deciding whether to re-brand from Powergen to E.ON was a critical decision for the energy giant and in a highly competitive market, investing in the multi-million pound brand asset was paramount.

To safeguard its position, a dependable strategy was required to assess the direction of the brand and to roll-out the new positioning to stakeholders.

Solution: Following an analysis of customer decision making, the likelihood of the brand continuing to exert influence, and Powergen’s projected ability to generate economic earnings, the total net value of the brand was evaluated.

The strength of the brand in the retail market was then assessed and a strategy formulated to re-position the company in the eyes of its 9m customers and encourage brand loyalty.

Results: A new brand positioning was developed, incorporating the creation of new brand values, a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, and new sponsorship opportunities identified. A change management programme rolled out the new brand throughout the organisation before the company finally changed its name to E.ON.