Corporate Training

Client: BGL Group

Intermediary: Cambridge Marketing College

Brief: With Compare The Market amongst its portfolio, BGL Group own some of the best-known brands in each of the European markets it operates. It recognises its staff as a key driver of growth and wanted to add value to its Graduate Training programme by enhancing the delivery of marketing information.

Solution: A corporate tutorial was devised to coach employees on the company’s graduate programme in the most appropriate media tools to use for success in a modern environment and how to create a vibrant and effective environment from agency management to effective techniques for an integrated marketing campaign.

Results: The delivery of a series of tutorials incorporating lectures on appropriate and relevant subject matter and the facilitation of syndicate workshops to put it all into practise in a real business environment. This was delivered on BGL Group’s premises to work seamlessly with the graduates’ on-going training.

Positive feedback from the client and graduates was received.