Angels with dirty faces


Recently, a television documentary was aired in which Pamela Stevenson interviewed celebrities about the negative effects of fame and how it influenced the way they treated others.

It made me think.

As readers of my previous blogs may be aware, I’ve been around the world of celebrity for many years in my role as a music PR and journalist and, as such, have been introduced to many musicians at various stages of their career and enjoying differing degrees of fame. (more…)

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Nothing Rivals being backstage

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Last night I was reminded about the richness of my life.

As a PR who represents a client working in the heady world of rock ‘n’ roll and as a photo-journalist writing for music publications, I find myself often in the very privileged position of gaining access to areas of the music industry where angels may fear to tread.

Over the last decade, I’ve rubbed shoulders with famous musicians, interviewed dozens of artists and photographed and enjoyed hundreds of live performances. So, when I went along to Norwich’s UEA to cover the first night of an international tour for rockers Black Stone Cherry and Rival Sons, it was business as usual.