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CAT Gets Wild


I’m starting to feel a bit like Cheryl Cole.

No, there may not be much obvious resemblance, but I’m referring to the world of celebrity and finding myself, once again, the subject of an interview rather than playing the role of the interviewer.

A couple of weeks ago, DJ Wisecat invited me onto his show on Radio Gets Wild to chat about some of my experiences as a music journalist so we spent an afternoon exchanging stories and talking about the world of rock ‘n’ roll….



  • Oh, thanks Mark, that’s really lovely of you, especially being a fellow PR professional. I usually feel more comfortable asking the questions rather than answering them so I’m really glad you enjoyed the interview. x

  • You’re so cool Allison – what a natural on radio and fascinating to hear about your amazing background as rock/celebrity goddess! Very professional and interesting interview.

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