CAT’s nine lives of 2011


As I was getting ready for the Hogmanay celebrations, I was mulling over the past year and began to recount some of the wonderful opportunities 2011 had presented.

So, as one year ends and another begins, it seems an appropriate time to share my best nine lives of 2011…

9. Revamping my digital presence with the re-launch of my website and diving into social networking.

8. Modernising my online magazine with the transferral of content to this blog!

7. Enjoying VIP status in the press areas of the best of music festivals: High Voltage, Sonisphere, Download, Cambridge Folk Festival…

6. Winning a new portfolio of clients and working on 16 new campaigns.

5. Mingling with the absolute royalty of the rock world at the Classic Rock Awards.

4. Being invited on tour by Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham – tempting even if it was just to be his Official Bottle Opener!

3. Interviewing the ex-frontman of Marillion, Fish, the most entertaining of all the year.

2. Managing the photographic documentary project of BBC presenter and folk guru Mike Harding.

1. Being invited to write the introduction to acclaimed rock photographer, Nick Elliott’s, debut book TEN – A Decade In Images.

With all those distractions, you don’t think I over-did my make-up do you?

Happy Hogmanay!


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