The twelve clients of Christmas

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As a consultant I’m on the constant look-out for opportunities to promote my clients and, with time at a premium, it is often difficult to dedicate any effort to promoting myself!

So, this festive season, I decided to create a small campaign to raise awareness of the range of services I offer amongst existing clients and to encourage potential clients to commission me.

Having cultivated a decent amount of followers on the social networking sites I’m active on, I decided to use this medium to communicate a simple message on a daily basis, with a view to creating repetition and cultivating expectation.

To tie in with the season, I chose to adapt the festive classic The 12 Days of Christmas incorporating details of an existing or past client, details of a service or skill, and driving traffic through to my website.The ultimate call to action was to commission me…obviously!

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some lovely clients and manage some fabulous campaigns, so the content was easy to pull together. The issue was, however, to get the rhyme and rhythm to mimic the well-known song.

After much writing, re-writing and editing, it was obvious that it was nigh on impossible to get a close match using my chosen content but I felt that the concept and message were the critical elements and decided to run it anyway.

Hopefully you’re following me on the social networks, but if you missed it here is the full campaign…

On the…

1st day of Christmas RAC briefed me on…developing internal communications.
2nd day of Christmas Tribe PR briefed me on…arranging a WREN MP project tour.
3rd day of Christmas Hyundai briefed me on…production of a POS brochure.
4th day of Christmas Shorthose Russell briefed me…on a CSR project for Bernard Matthews.
5th day of Christmas The University of Northampton briefed me…on creating a business e-zine.
6th day of Christmas Nick Elliott rock photographer briefed me on…devising a digital media plan.
7th day of Christmas AXIS PR briefed me on…writing a feature on Moveman Lifts.
8th day of Christmas E-On briefed me on…developing a new brand strategy.
9th day of Christmas ConstructionSkills briefed me on…copywriting for a new website.
10th day of Christmas Cambridge Marketing College briefed me on…tutoring CAM PR delegates.
11th day of Christmas Reflection PR briefed me on…media relations for dgMutual.
12th day of Christmas RCI briefed me on…promoting holiday exchange across Europe.

Now the 12 clients of Christmas are over, what are you going to brief me on? Hope to work with you in 2012!

Do you reckon I made the right decision about running the campaign?


Anything to comment?

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