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Walking a mile in another’s shoes…


…can be pretty uncomfortable!

As a photo-journalist, I am usually the one that shines the spotlight in the face of various subjects but when I was invited to be interviewed myself for Kings Lynn Online, how could I refuse?

Meeting with the editor on a lovely sunny afternoon in March was really pleasurable but as we sipped a refreshingly cold drink and chatted about life, I began to realise that the shoe was well and truly on the other foot.

Beginning to answer the questions that John, my interviewer, posed, I tried to put aside my PR hat and be as authentic as possible in my answers. Not as easy as it sounds when the whirring of the dictaphone on the table constantly reminds you that every word could be use in evidence against you later!

But I needn’t have worried. As the questions flowed, so did my answers and by the time the interview was complete I felt sorry for John having to suffer my incessant chattering.

“I don’t like talking about myself,” I insisted. And honestly, I don’t. “Don’t you?” laughed John as he inspected the 36 minutes of recording.

Well, if the shoe fits

Click John’s doodle to read the interview on King’s Lynn Online

Read the interview at The Shoe Fits


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