Angels with dirty faces

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Recently, a television documentary was aired in which Pamela Stevenson interviewed celebrities about the negative effects of fame and how it influenced the way they treated others.

It made me think.

As readers of my previous blogs may be aware, I’ve been around the world of celebrity for many years in my role as a music PR and journalist and, as such, have been introduced to many musicians at various stages of their career and enjoying differing degrees of fame.

Out of the hundreds of celebrities I’ve interviewed, photographed and socialised with, I only follow the progress of a choice few whom I have a personal interested in.

Glenn Hughes, aka The Voice of Rock and bass guitarist of Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Country Communion, is one such artist and I am counted amongst his 21,000 twitter followers.

Although our paths may have crossed on a few occasions when working festivals, covering his gigs and attending the Classic Rock Awards, I am certainly not on Glenn’s radar.

But something happened a couple of weeks ago that was quite remarkable, something that restored my faith in human nature and demonstrated that fame does not have to adversely affect our inner beauty.

Glenn is a regular user of social networking and I often read his tweets, empathising especially with his esoteric postings about the power of the universe. On this particular occasion I’d been having a ‘bad fur day’, to say the least, and was exceptionally down, struggling to make sense of an unexpected turn of events.

There is no such thing as co-incidence.

As I sat trying to gather my thoughts, I glanced at my twitter feed and read one of Glenn’s posts about how God is in charge. For some unknown reason I was motivated to respond, something I have never done before.

It was then that it happened.

Glenn direct messaged me. He sent me a private, personal message. To say I was shocked is an absolute understatement and the black cloud that had been suffocating me all weekend was instantly dispersed as I carefully contemplated his words of wisdom.

Moved by his self-less act of compassion, I quickly responded but, as Glenn was not following me, I was forced to thank him publically which, of course, I was more than happy to do. Recognising that I couldn’t respond, though, Glenn instantly followed me back and then direct messaged me again to let me know, thereby enabling me to privately chat with him.

Of course, Glenn could not possibly appreciate the magnitude of his kindness. He had absolutely nothing to gain but the revelation of his pure soul proved without doubt that fame need not corrupt.

Angels walk in the most unlikely of places.



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