Kicking The Business Bucket

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I often chat with fellow business owners and self-employed people during the course of my working day and there’s a challenge which appears to be facing everyone – how do you manage to make your finances go further in Britain today?

It seems that most small businesses and, let’s be honest, individuals are struggling to balance the books, as a recent Which? poll revealed.

All this reminded me of an old 78 record that my grandparents used to play on an antique radiogram when I was young – Harry Belafonte and Odetta’s There’s a Hole in My Bucket.

It may have been recorded as a comedy song but when you look at in the context of businesses hemorrhaging money and, no matter how hard they try to find a solution, going round in circles to arrive back at the original problem, it takes on a different edge.

Even so, it still brings a smile to my face….



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