Content Creation

The One About The ‘Journalist’


I despair, I really do.

There are people walking amongst us that are not what they seem. They are masquerading as professional people in positions respected in society, like journalists and news reporters.

I read a story last month that made me ashamed to be part of the communications business. It was a news story that appeared in a well-respected online publication that delivers good quality journalism…usually…so its appearance took me by surprise.

The story consisted of a written report and an interview that, in my opinion, was possibly one of the worst pieces of journalism that I have experienced in a very long time.

The offending report started as it went on; with a misleading headline that portrayed the situation in a good light when, in fact, the story was not good news. Written in the first person, instead of the third, the report was littered with inaccuracies, poor grammar and little content of real value.

Working in communications this greatly upset me. As a trained photo-journalist I consider myself a professional who strictly adheres to the industry codes of conducts and work hard to maintain high standards under all the circumstances I work.

Sadly, the decreasing standards in journalism are not confined to the written word – there is an increasing trend towards anyone with a camera claiming to be a photographer.

The digital revolution in the technical capabilities of image capture has allowed anyone with the financial way-with-all to purchase a camera, set it on automatic and consider themselves to be a capable of producing a visual masterpiece.

The time is overdue for the communications industry to raise its standards once again and for publishers to insist on only using the services of contributors with true pedigree and professional credentials.

As Asparagus rightly observed in Cats: “I say, these kittens they do not get trained as we did.” Hasn’t the time come for the industry to change that before it’s too late?


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