The Advertising Effect

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There’s something about the ‘Lynx effect’ series of adverts that I admire.  And it’s not simply down to the personal connection I feel to the angelic realm that was the subject of one of their recent creative treatments.

With many of their contemporaries floundering as advertising has become increasingly sophisticated, Lynx has continued to ride the crest of the creative wave to produce adverts that reflect the latest consumer attitudes.

Few of these have spoken to me personally, but then I’m not the target audience. However, the use of fantasy as a creative treatment has constantly demonstrated a distinct brand personality and a connection to a customer base that has loyally continued to sustain it.

It would be excusable to think that some of the fantasies portrayed in TV commercials are so completely far-fetched that even the most fertile imagination is stretched to believe that anyone would be compelled to try to seduce a complete stranger on a whim.

Occasionally, though, the seemingly unbelievable is possible. Many years ago I was in Amsterdam and a complete stranger took my breath away by presenting me with the most gorgeous floral bouquet.

He had simply seen me standing on a bridge and was compelled to spontaneously buy “beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady“. I can only agree with his sentiment about the flowers, but none-the-less, it was delightful and wonderfully flattering, even though my partner at the time wasn’t as impressed.

Was my admirer influenced by advertising in this action? Probably not. But perhaps it does demonstrate that it is possible some of these fantasies aren’t as far-fetched as initially considered.

After all, as a memorable 1980s advert claimed: “When a stranger suddenly gives you flowers, that’s Impulse”:



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