It’s Time

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They say that a day is a long time in politics. In the music industry, a decade seems like a lifetime.

In a short space of only a few years, the way we consume music has changed unrecognisably, metamorphosing from the fantastic plastic through to pint-sized compact discs and settling on the current darling of choice…the digital download.

Whatever next? Cranial implants? You may smile, but that ‘fantasy’ may not be confined to the realms of science fiction with recent developments in China already pushing the boundaries of android technology. (more…)


Almost Final Vinyl


Since the rise in popularity of digital recordings, vinyl has been considered by many to be just a quaint relic from the past, a remnant of a by-gone era when the music industry was vibrant and record sales were in their millions.

Yes, there may have been some who clutched their PVC memories to their chests in a gesture of shear defiance but no-one can deny that the golden age of the 12″, 10″, and 7″ vinyl as the preferred method of recording music is now just a distant memory.

Vinyl enthusiasts, however, have ensured that this well-loved medium has not been totally relegated to the history books with the UK and US even seeing a vinyl revival in the last seven years or so and a new generation of music buyers now enjoying the unique audible experience.


Content Creation

The One About The ‘Journalist’

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I despair, I really do.

There are people walking amongst us that are not what they seem. They are masquerading as professional people in positions respected in society, like journalists and news reporters.

I read a story last month that made me ashamed to be part of the communications business. It was a news story that appeared in a well-respected online publication that delivers good quality journalism…usually…so its appearance took me by surprise.

The story consisted of a written report and an interview that, in my opinion, was possibly one of the worst pieces of journalism that I have experienced in a very long time.