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Oh Ambassador, You Are Really Spoiling Us!

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A few of us old enough to remember TV advertising in the ’90s may recall this iconic little number for Ferrero Rocher chocolates:

OK, it may actually remain in our psyche because it was so…err…naff…but, never-the-less it is a classic advert that has out-lived the test of time. Somehow, I doubt it was because of the fabulous script!

Ironically, this week I seemed to find myself at the centre of this scenario when I was actually invited by The Ambassador of Ireland to a celebration at the Embassy of Ireland.

As Senior Editor of Deep Red Magazine, I often get invited to a “good do” but this one was different….it was to commemorate the 40th anniversary of rock-blues icon, Rory Gallagher’s, legendary Irish Tour ’74 – a story the magazine had run to promote the re-release of the CD/DVD.

As well as meeting Daniel and Greta Mulhall, the Ambassador of Ireland and his wife, the opulent surroundings with stuffed with celebrities, musicians, record label representatives and music business people of all kind from Rory’s brother Dolan to Whitesnake’s Bernie Marsden.

Even Rory’s legendary Fender Stratocaster made an appearance but what was, notably, missing from the occasion was the fabulous Rory Gallagher, of course…oh….and the Ferrero Rocher!

With Donal Gallagher

Want to see more? Take a look at my snapbook for more piccies of the fun at the event.


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