Tuning in to WII.FM

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I don’t think I’m the only PR professional who is more than a little uncomfortable with promoting themselves….we’re a bit like the construction industry worker who fails to find time to fix up their own house.

But just recently I’ve been re-evaluating the balance of my public ‘shouting’ about my clients success compared with promoting my role in their communications. So I’ve re-tuned my radar into WII.FM to consider “what’s in it for me”, and repositioned my website slightly to maximise this frequency.

So, what’s changed? Well, I’ll still be bringing you updates about my lovely clients and what they’re up to, but this will all appear on my e-newspaper CAT-tails so that my blog can focus on my own news and views, including what I’m doing for them.

Under my portfolio there is a little more detail about the services I’m providing for each of them with links to external resources to find current examples of this and I’ve changed the navigation around my photo-journalism section so that followers of my live music capers can more easily find interviews and reviews.

The more obvious part of this repositioning is the visual element of the site which has been updated slightly with a new colour scheme to reflect the new direction and new photographic images will shortly be added.

I’ll apologise now to those of you who think that tuning into WII.FM is not your kind of station but please don’t turn your dial away just yet, you may actually enjoy hearing a few of the stories that I have to tell.


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