Who Said Size Didn’t Matter?

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Occasionally, just very occasionally, a campaign comes along that makes your spine tingle…in a big way.

As a PR consultant I recommend activity to my clients that will fulfil specific objectives and implement these over the course of the year. Simples. But often this activity can be quite challenging to deliver and ambitious in its nature, and even….a world first!

With Voodoo Six & The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins

One such campaign was Size Matters, a collaborative project between two of my clients: leading digital printers Structure-flex and rock photographer Nick Elliott. The idea was to create an impressive visual display where visitors could walk up to the art pieces and enjoy them at larger than life sizes in an open-air environment, to truly ‘experience’ an outdoor festival in visual form.

Size Matters featured a collection of 13 black and white creative images of some of the world’s most famous musicians, captured by Nick, and reproduced as individual free-standing exhibits a massive 8.5m high. That’s 8.5 meters. 30ft. Massive.

The exhibition was such an innovative project that there was no blueprint to follow or similar situations to learn from and some enormous challenges needed to be overcome to make the show a reality.

The printing process, for example, needed to ensure that the quality of each image was retained at such a size and, even though the images were generated as black and white, they contained colour tones that were reproduced a vast range of grey inks to retain the depth and intricacies of each image.

Consideration also had to be given to the practicalities of constructing the pieces taking into account health and safety laws and the external environment in which they would be shown so that the fabric was capable of withstanding the weather conditions and also allowed the air to flow freely through them so that they didn’t create a ‘sail’!

With Skunk Anasie’s Skin & Thin Lizzy’s Ricky Warwick

Size Matters was unveiled to an audience of 65,000 at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in June, creating an outside auditorium framing a festival stage, where Rick Parfitt Jnr band and The Tenors of Rock both performed over the festival.

It was an utterly breath-taking show and there are now plans to tour it throughout the UK.

For my part, it was a truly unique experience that incorporated a fully integrated marketing campaign that reached over 1.5 million of the target audience and included; event management, media relation, sales promotions, social media, online news room, e-commerce site, direct e-marketing and a bit of crisis management thrown in for good measure.

All is a day’s work…well a massive day anyway.

Read more about Size Matters.



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