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Literature Literally Rocks

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Autumn is well and truly here and I’m in a reflective mood. The summer has been a remarkably busy one with the festival season, in particular, dominating my time.

In my role as a music journalist I’ve been fortunate enough to cover quite a few events but one of the more unusual of these was one I worked in my PR role where literary and art, rather than music, took centre stage.



Perception, The Final Frontier

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Recently, I caught an interview with Aerosmith’s lead singer, Steve Tyler, who made a comment that made me contemplate things: “We’re just living on the tail of a comet.”

I have long been a star-gazer. I often catch myself stealing a sneaky peak at the heavens, dreaming sub-consciously of galaxies far, far away. But that’s another story.

It is fascinating, though, to consider our place in a universe that we barely understand, even more so when you put it in the context of being just a mere speck in space and time. (more…)